LCD Display Flashing

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LCD Display Flashing

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I just finished assembling my F085, and after verifying the correct polarity of the power supply, I plugged in the unit. As soon as I turn on the power switch, all I see is a flashing LCD display. It flashes approximately 2 times per second. Pressing any of the switches has no visible effect. I've been extremely careful during assembly, checking for proper component placement and double checking my solder joints under a magnifying glass. At this point I am stumped, and would appreciate any help in getting this thing up and running.

Also wanted to share my success when soldering the push button switches. It's hard to keep the switches aligned and in contact with the board during soldering. I solved this by splitting a drinking straw and cutting segments slightly longer than the grey push buttons. (the straw was the "flexible" kind and its inside diameter was ever so slightly smaller than the buttons, this the need to split) After inserting all of the switches, I installed the front panel and fastened it to the standoff's using the screws provided. I then slipped the split straw segments over the grey buttons and lightly pressed until the straws were nearly flush with the front panel, leaving just enough to grab with a needles nose for removal. The straw pieces provided enough friction to keep the switches partially depressed and the switch springs provided enough force to keep the switches in contact with the circuit board. The straw segments also insured that the grey buttons were perfectly centered in the front panel holes. Providing this tip along with the kit documentation might prevent the numerous "sticky switch" problems I've seen on this board and elsewhere.

Any help in solving the flashing display problem would be most appreciated.

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Re: LCD Display Flashing

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It is likely the power adapter issue. Please try a different power supply if you can. We knew some bad power adapters shipped a few months ago. Please contact us at once defective power adapter is confirmed. We'll send you replacement.
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