DSO112A serial interface docs?

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Re: DSO112A serial interface docs?

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I wonder what is difference between this firmware (-215) and that one mentioned in website (-211). My DSO112a is equipped with -211 firmware and I'm wondering if is it worth to upgrade (I mainly interested if there any changes in serial communication between those two firmwares). And to be sure, is this the latest one firmware for dso112a?
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Re: DSO112A serial interface docs?

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The changes in -215 include

1 ) added a "CommandDone" frame which is sent under the following cases
--- Exit USB scope mode
--- After execution of SetParam command
--- After execution of SetMode command

The CommandDone frame is in format E6 04 00 00 which frame ID being 0xE6.

2 ) Modified the Confirm message (FID: 0xE2) to include firmware version (string "11201-xxx"). The frame size was changed to 26 bytes. The firmware version string starts at offset 15. But I found this might contains bugs.

The version -215 has never been officially used in product.
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