Cap Meter Readings

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Cap Meter Readings

Post by jethrow »

I've just assembled my Cap Meter and was wondering how to interpret the reading.

Tested the following caps with readings as shown:

Capacitor (uf) Reading

.001 1.07n
.01 10.6n
.1 .1p
1 1.12u
10 10.6u
100 100u
470 490u

Is the "n" for nanofarads?

Is the 'p" for picofarads?

I was expecting the .1uf capacitor to read as 100n instead of .1p.

Am I reading this right?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Cap Meter Readings

Post by jye1 »

Yes, 'n' is for nanofarads and 'p' for picofarads.

Do you have another 0.1u cap. It may be the one you tested was open inside. All other readings are pretty close.
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