0x9341 error when screwing together case?

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0x9341 error when screwing together case?

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I have a strange problem with the DSO Shell pocket oscilloscope kit that I purchased from Amazon. When I have it assembled in the case, but without the front frame screwed into the back, it boots and runs correctly; it goes through two start-up screens before the oscilloscope screen appears. I get the correct waveform from the 1KHz test signal. In other words, everything seems to be working correctly.

However, if I fit the front frame and screw it into the back, I get the same first startup screen, but on the second screen, I get "0x9341" in yellow in the upper left corner, and the bottom never shows the "150000...<serial code>..." text. It just stops there, until power is removed.

Once it displays this code, I have to completely remove the front frame to reset it. However, it does reset and I can correctly boot it up without the frame subsequently. I've tried putting in just two, diagonal screws, and not tightening the screws down, but still get the error. I've tried insulating the top (digital) board from the bottom (analog) board with an index card, and insulating the back of the LCD screen from the digital board, all with no luck.

I can't cause the fault by just pressing on the front panel as it boots up. However, if I fit the front frame and just push it down, without screwing in the screws, it faults.

The only other noticeable oddity is that the digital board, with the LCD screen, tilts away from the back of the front panel on the right side. This is also evident by the fact that the 'OK' button (on the far right) is almost flush with the front of the front panel, while the 'V/DIV' button (on the far left) protrudes about 3/64 inch or 1.25mm. Could this be significant?

Can anyone help me diagnose and hopefully fix this problem? Has anyone else seen this? I suspect that it's a hairline fault soldering one of the SMT components, but I don't know where to start resoldering.

Thanks for looking into this.

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Re: 0x9341 error when screwing together case?

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In my experience it means that OK button is being held down during startup.
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