Firmware 08501-133?

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Firmware 08501-133?

Post by mwm »

I got mine, and got it put together, only to discover that it's running 08501-133, which isn't listed in the firmware for this device. I also notice that the ATMega48 was running 08502-50, and yes, I'm seeing some issues at higher frequencies.

I was going to upgrade the ATMega48, but figure that with the unknown softare on the ATMega168, maybe I should wait. So...

What is this 133? Is it ok to run? Preferable to 132? Is it safe to upgrade the ATMega48 to 53 while running it, or should I burn 132 if I want to use 50?

BTW, I'm mostly very happy with it after one day. The buttons seem a bit flaky, but that's probably my soldering job. I'll double check them and see about some fixes when I take it apart to flash the new firmware. And install my servo connector.

Oh, FWIW, the "servo" connector has the pins in the wrong order compared to RC servos. They always have VCC on the middle pin. Don't know if you care, but given that there's no reasonable way to plug a servo into headers on that connector, it's not a big deal.
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Re: Firmware 08501-133?

Post by jye1 »

Version 133 for M168 fixed a bug in amplitude setting and made the output more accurate.

For M48 we recommend to stay with -050. -053 contains a bug that causes USER waveform not working.
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