FG085 buttons not working

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FG085 buttons not working

Post by robinhp »

I have seen this topic pass, but have not read a suitable solution.

After completing my FG085, bar the panels and BNC connector, connecting a 12 volts supply and switching power on:
- the LCD lights up and the power up sequence starts
- default settings are shown
- output is shown on connected oscilloscope
- none of the tact switches (buttons) have any effect

All switches are correctly mounted (twin slits side facing power connector and
- all switches tested and working (front panel not mounted)
- interconnections key pad tested and correct
- connections to respective diodes are correct

Any suggestions?
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Re: FG085 buttons not working

Post by tolcheevav »

I have completly the same problem. Cannot understand what's went wrong... :cry:
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Re: FG085 buttons not working

Post by jye1 »

In 085 the button detection is by driving COL0 - COL5 low one by one and reading ROW0 - ROW3. If one or more these lines are bridged or shorted to something else it will cause detection error and consequently no button can be recognized. Please carefully check these line for any bridges or shorts. Check each pushbutton with ohm-meter to see if there is defective (like stuck inside).
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Re: FG085 buttons not working

Post by swets »

I have the same problem....

no buttons and no encoder... is that the same problem?
so know I know what to check....
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