FG085 DDS EEPROM Test Failed

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FG085 DDS EEPROM Test Failed

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I have a FG085 with firmwares:
Main: 08501-133
DDS: 08502-050

Diag mode always reports "DDS EEPROM Test Failed". I was also unable to upload user waveform with jyelab, however FG085 was able to connect successfully.
So i checked the board (bought from aliexpress) and noticed that u14 (24c65) was missing and so did the pull-up resistors R39 and R40. I soldered the missing parts but the error is still present.

I checked SDA and SCL with scope and there is no activity at any time. Tried to flash 053 firmware and was the same, so i reverted back to 050. Other than that the signal generator works great.
I triple checked all the connections between eeprom and MCU (u6) and everything is fine, it just won't work.

Has anybody had similar problems?

Thank you and best regards,
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Re: FG085 DDS EEPROM Test Failed

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The EEPROM is and has never been used. So please ignore it. It won't affect any performance.
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