Serial interface for both Wave2 and FG .085F.

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Serial interface for both Wave2 and FG .085F.

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1. I have started using my new Wave2 and function generator.
Where may I find out how to implement the serial interface for both of these?
A recent forum link on this topic is no longer valid.

2. I'm having difficulty understanding the quantitative readings on both instruments.
First, what units does AMP stand for on the function generator? Vpkpk, Vpk, Vrms?
Is there a calibration procedure to have these readings match reliable instruments?
The Wave2 shows Vrms, but it is much different from reality.

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Re: Serial interface for both Wave2 and FG .085F.

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1. For the serial interface of WAVE2 please see ... erface.pdf . You need to have firmware version -070 or later to get the serial interface feature. The most recent firmware version is -076 which can be downloaded at .

For FG085 we have a not officially released firmware that implemented a serial control interface. Please see the attachments.
(15.53 KiB) Downloaded 350 times
(599 KiB) Downloaded 355 times
2. The amplitude unit on FG085 is Vpp. That on the WAVE2 generator is Vpk. Both of them can not be calibrated.

For the issue of wrong Vrms on WAVE2 can you provide more details about how the reading differentiate an actual value?
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