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Future of Wave2

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 6:33 pm
by sizz0p
Hi. I just upgraded from a DSO150 "Shell" to the Wave2, and I really like the build quality, additional channel, touchscreen and other enhancements of the Wave2. This is a nice little box!

I have noticed that it is much newer than the DSO138 and DSO150 and therefore does not have the same level of software support. My question is: do you anticipate that an ecosystem of software and information will develop for this Wave2 like it has for the earlier models? I greatly prefer almost everything about the Wave2, but it's much much harder to find information than the 138/150, due to (I'm guessing) it's age.

I'm hoping that it will become as prevalent as the 138/150 with folks who needs that extra channel and/or willing to spend extra for a device with more features. Do you plan to support the ecosystem in the same way with the Wave2? I can see this device becoming very popular in the future with the right support and nudges.