Support for 10x (and maybe 100x) probes

Dual channel oscilloscope
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Support for 10x (and maybe 100x) probes

Post by harvie »

when i use Wave2 with 10x (or 100x) probe, the displayed voltage is 10x or 100x lower than in reality (because of probe attenuation). This is to be expected, but i think it would be nice to be able to change wave2 settings to multiply the voltage in software for me. So i don't have to remember to multiply the measured voltage 10x myself all the time. This should be setting available separately for each channel.
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Re: Support for 10x (and maybe 100x) probes

Post by MatNieuw »

This could be done semi-automatically with a software modification, I think.
Set or select the probe to the desired attenuation (1 / 10 / 100), hold it to the 1 kHz test output, and tell the scope to calibrate the attenuation (is there any switch combination left for this?), in the way that auto-ranging multimeters do. It could e.g. temporarily switch the signal to 3.3 V, and the input range to 1V/div, then measure. If too low, switch to 100 mV/div, measure again, if needed to 10 mV/div. Then the scope knows the probe's attenuation, and switches the settings back to what they were before the calibration. I'm not sure how to indicate this on the display, though.
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