Support WAVE2 in sigrok / pulseview software please

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Support WAVE2 in sigrok / pulseview software please

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Sigrok is community based free opensource software for work with analyzers, oscilloscopes, multimeters and various measuring devices. It supports wide variety of hardware: Works nice on all platforms (Windows, Macos, Linux, BSD...). And i think both JYETech and WAVE2 users would really benefit if you managed to add connection between WAVE2 and sigrok.

"Sigrok" is the base library of the project and on top of that there are several frontends, best of them is called "pulseview". It looks like this:


Very useful feature is that once you manage to acquire and export data from WAVE2 to pulseview, there is whole library of protocol decoders, so that you can further analyze the waveform on your PC:

I know that you already have JYELab software. But sigrok/pulseview just offers much more to me with all it's features. Also it would allow me to use Jyetech oscilloscope together with other non-jye devices that i already have. On the other hand, once you allow WAVE2 data to connect to sigrok, you don't have to spend time and money developing JYELab software, because the community always continues to improve sigrok.

In my opinion support for sigrok would add great vlaue to WAVE2 product. You "just" need to write "sigrok driver" for WAVE2 protocol and share it with sigrok community, so they can include it in sigrok project. It is probably just simple file in C programming language that describes the serial protocol of WAVE2. You can find similar drivers for other oscilloscope hardware here: ... re;hb=HEAD

Also i believe that once WAVE2 will have good sigrok support, the people in sigrok community will notice and start reccomending the WAVE2 for use with sigrok to new users looking for affordable device.


update: I've noticed the jyelab is now abandoned opensource, so maybe the protocol details can be found there and adapted for sigrok api:

update2: there even were some efforts to get sigrok support by some user:
viewtopic.php?f=17&t=858 ... ch-dso112a

Maybe you can finish his work (adapt from dso112a to wave2) and make it official? :mrgreen:
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