WAVE2 logic analyzer digital input (mixed signal scope)

Dual channel oscilloscope
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WAVE2 logic analyzer digital input (mixed signal scope)

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i like the idea of WAVE2 device, but i can't help but suggest few improvements. First of them would be possibility to add few digital inputs (TTL) in adition to two analog channels that WAVE2 already has. 2 or 3 digital channels would be helpful, 8 digital channels would be absolutely great. There seems to already be perfect connector for this. Can you please check if there's some possibility of adding few digital inputs using the connector at the bottom?


I know there are already bootloader pins, signal generator and serial lines in that connector. But i think some of these pins can have dual purpose when the firmware configures them as digital input. Can you please check the possibilities of firmware or maybe think about adding few digital inputs for next board version if you plan any?

Thank you for making great hobby oscilloscope! Only on the market that does NOT look like mp3 player :lol:
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