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Read protected FW

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I just got a DSO138 mini from Banggood. I assume it's genuine because there has been no fake advice on this model, the serial nº on the screen matches the sticker, and the quality is excellent. FW is ver. 111.

As I already had a Shell and a "normal" DSO138, I bought this one to do some experimenting, for example, trying to use it as a game console as per these instructions.

Problem is, prior to flashing the new firmware, I wanted to make a backup of the existing one but, after setting JP1 and JP2, hooking up the serial to USB and launching the STM32 Flash loader demonstrator, I got a warning message stating the chip was protected and that removing the protection would erase the flash (see attached image), so it will be impossible to make a backup.

I know FW version 111 is already available for download at Jyetech's website, but I'm not sure if the preloaded 111 is exactly the same or if there's some kind of personalization/protection (I'm thinking of the serial nº contained in the EEPROM, same as in DSO Shell but different from DSO138 "standard").

So my questions are: Can I go ahead and delete the firmware with no worries, as I will be able to restore it from the image available for download? Or will I need in the future an "unlocking code" to bypass protection, as is the case in DSO Shell?

Thanks in advance!
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