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No trace

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I have some trouble with my DSO138mini. It has been carefully soldered and checked twice… I obviously went through the useful docs: ... -guide.pdf

Screen show grid and settings. Settings change according to SW1, SW2, SW3 and push-buttons.

I can power DSO via USB port on digital board AND via +5V on analog board (had to solder jumper 4 though)

Trouble is that i dont get a trace, even when connecting the probe to "test terminal".

Here is what i get at best, with "test terminal" : spikes of a few mV

That's all i get, even when connecting probe to DC current.


Here are my readings:
VBUS 4.33V
V+ 4.78V
AV+ 4.78V
V- -4.13V
AV- -4.11V
V1 0V
V2 1.10V
V3 2.17V
V4 -1.10V

Could someone be kind enough to point me toward some stuff to be checked?

Thanks a lot for reading.

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