Sending screens in BMP- and SVG-format.

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Sending screens in BMP- and SVG-format.

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I have now, based on the Learning Edition source, implemented sending of screens in BMP, Raw and SVG formats (Scalable Vector Graphics).

With the later (SVG), the user can also scroll through the whole data buffer when the file is opened in, for example Chrome or another SVG enabled browser.
This can be done just by clicking/holding down the left or right arrows below the screen (see attached zip-file).
And since its' vector based can be scaled and still look nice, for example when added to documentation and printed.

I really would like to have the SVG format in the standard firmware, since it have higher sampling rate and FFT functionality.

So my questions are as follows:
Is this possible?
Can you for example reveal the source for the standard firmware?
I you don't want to reveal ALL the source, some of it can be distributed as libraries.
That way it will be possible to add features.

I like to implement the SVG export of the FFT screen as well.
DSO 064 screens in BMP- and SVG-format
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Re: Sending screens in BMP- and SVG-format.

Post by jye1 »

Hi blixten, Thank you for your work. We will consider your request.
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