low signal?

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low signal?

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I bought a DIY DSO Shell with the surface mounted parts done already, so only had to add the through-hole parts and put the case together.

On checking the voltages, everything was in range, except the three that are supposed to be 0, which weren't. They were very low but not 0. I put the case together and did the test and everything looked fine.

I then tried to use it to measure a circuit and got nothing but a flat line. I tried the test again and now get a nearly flat line, like the signal isn't powerful enough or something. You can see it trying to peak, but there's nothing really there. I checked resistors 1-4 and all checked fine except the 5.1MOhm (R2?) which was nearer 5.4 or 5.5MOhm. Could this be the issue? Solder joints look fine and I get continuity when testing from those resistors to the next parts in the circuit.

I've attached a couple of pictures, hopefully they can help.

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