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The Top 6 Best Hard Sided Coolers On The Market

Indeed, a soft-sided cooler is lightweight, suitable for a day picnic for two people. On the other hand, the hard-sided cooler is heavier but it performs with more durability, bear-resistant ability, and super large capacity of food and drink storage for plenty of people in a big family. This article will mention the top-rated hard-sided coolers that you should buy to have an enjoyable experience on your trips.

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1. Coleman 52-Quart Extreme Cooler

This cooler is at a medium-size that enables you to carry food and drink in the space of about 52 quarts. Hence, this is a perfect choice for any camping trips or backpacking trips. This cooler has the ability of ice retention for up to 5 days, and two days with food in the frozen stage, under the outside condition of 32 degrees C. Another high point of the Coleman 52-Quart Extreme Cooler is that it’s designed in a lightweight form for convenient transfer back and forth to the house or car.

2. Coleman 50-Quart Extreme Wheeled Cooler

Being equipped with wheels, the Coleman 50-Quart Extreme Wheeled Cooler allows you to wheel it anywhere without tiring from carrying it. Also, the eye-catching modern appearance is an excellent point of this cooler. While camping with this cooler, you no longer have to worry about draining thanks to the design of a drainage spout at the bottom of this cooler. The capacity of this cooler of 50 quarts permits you to carry about 80 cans of food and drink for up to 5 days.

3. Stanley Adventure Cooler

This hard-sided cooler is a good choice for a weekend trip due to the storage capacity of 21 quarts–enough to hold up to 21 cans of food and drink for up to 36 hours. Owing to the construction of its double wall foam insulation, the Stanley Adventure Cooler shows its best performance for ice retention under the hot weather of 32 degrees C.


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4. The RITC 45-Quart Tan Cooler

This cooler provides users a long period of holding ice up to 10 days. Similar to other types, The RITC 45-Quart Tan Cooler is equipped with an integrated Locking System and bear-resistant construction. Thanks to the inclusion of a drain spout, this cooler prevents the risk of draining a heavy cooler. However, this cooler is more substantial than similar types with a net weight of about 25 pounds without the wheel. Hence, it causes a little challenge to move this cooler all-around your yard.

5. Engel USA 19-Quart Cooler

The most outstanding feature of this cooler is designed with a personal tray that enables you to store keys or any necessary pieces of stuff. Compared to other types, this cooler shows a long-lasting durability thanks to stainless steel latches and screws. Thick foam insulation is the reason why the Engel USA 19-Quart Cooler can keep food and drink fresh all day long. Overall, this cooler is a perfect choice for fishing trips or hiking trails on the weekend.

6. REYLEO 21 quart Cooler

The next name on this list is the REYLEO 21 quart Cooler, with a fantastic storage capacity of 21 quarts that enables us to hold 30 cans of food and drink. Furthermore, the polyurethane foam insulation gives it the ability to keep ice up to 5 days under the average outside temperature. Another useful feature of this cooler is that it is equipped with an environmentally friendly material that is safe for users. The lightweight design of about 16.4 pounds is the reason that this cooler is often regarded as one of the best coolers on the market in many Best Ice Cooler Reviews - Top Best Ice Chests And Cooler .

In general, hard-sided coolers offer customers long-lasting durability, useful storage capacity, and ease of cleaning. Hence, choosing a top-rated hard-sided cooler for your trips is a perfect decision for a wonderful trip experience.

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