Sellers reported selling FAKE DSO138 kits

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Re: Sellers reported selling FAKE DSO138 kits

Post by KingWhiskers »

Another one to add to the list is

Zemin checked out the photos I sent and sure enough it was fake.

Here is where I bought it from, ... 52880.html

At the time they were on offer and I only paid £13.03 for it and after complaining that it was a counterfeit item I had no joy, I would have to pay the return postage. Complained at that as it would have cost nearly as much as the item cost in the first place.
I then replied that I would be contacting PayPal to see their response on counterfeit items and TMart replied back virtually instantly that they would refund my money and keep the product.

Will post again when my money is returned.

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Re: Sellers reported selling FAKE DSO138 kits

Post by mingletron »

I received a SainSmart DSO238 (DSO138 with 2.8" display).
I built it on the weekend and after looking at this forum, I reported it as counterfeit to Amazon, returned it on Monday and have received a genuine one today.
It was a bit annoying because I really took my time soldering the parts and it "worked" first time.
I say "worked" because it seems to have bugs in the firmware where holding down "OK" only toggles the data display, whatever function is highlighted.

Oh well. I suppose it was good practice for building the new one.

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Re: Sellers reported selling FAKE DSO138 kits

Post by sreaves »

I purchase on from eBay seller frentaly
See attached.

Legal or not?
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Re: Sellers reported selling FAKE DSO138 kits

Post by jonlorusso »

I purchased one via Frentaly as well. It was confirmed by jye as counterfeit.
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Re: Sellers reported selling FAKE DSO138 kits

Post by tzurkan »

I have bought a soldered DSO138 on eBay from the seller gowin_electronic. It is occured that it is not working correctly from the beginning: (1) when I am measuring voltage on something it is always showing voltage 1.5 - 2 volts lower that real; (2) it has big distortions of frequencies higher that 3kHz; (3) when I begin to check it according to the page 4 of the user manual, I get the voltage on TP25 (test point 25) minus 31 volts with LCD display connected and minus 41 volts without display (according to the manual there the voltage must be approx. minus 8 volts). Then I looked at your site and it is occured that I have bought a fake: it is without a label with a serial number and have a date code 1601 (and have a lot of thinger marks on the opposite side of the board when someone soldered it).
The eBay is now a very unfriendly site in Russia, there is no now a real support by humans, only list of questions and answers. And I think I will be repairing my fake DSO138 by myself. I think to change 2 transistors in the power supply scheme to those with lower beta and maybe to get a power inductor with lower induction. I am very dissapointed with eBay. In most cases, the seller will become right and you will not.
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Re: Sellers reported selling FAKE DSO138 kits

Post by FletchUK »

here we go again, yet another fake.

i purchased one from a seller on Ali-express and didn't know about fakes until i received it and started looking online for info.

AliExpress Store: 3D printer series& For Arduino

i purchased it as a sample with a view of selling them in our UK Store, so this item is now useless as i cant sell it on.

ohh well you live and learn, at least it didnt cost much.. ive notified the seller how i feel about them selling fakes so ill see what they say.

BTW well done to JYE Tech for designing such an excellent training/beginner oscilloscope, and very good price.

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Another seller of fakes: Longruner (via Amazon)

Post by filker0 »

Before I know about counterfeit DSO138s, I ordered one from Amazon (search for "Longruner DSO138 Open Source 2.4" TFT Digital Oscilloscope Kit 1Msps with Probe Assembled vision (Welded)".

It arrived today, and though it does work as far as I can tell (only opened the box a few minutes ago), I'm pretty sure it's another counterfeit: The board came with a bag of standoffs, a probe (2 alligator clips, about 18 to 24" total length), and a copy of the "JYE Tech Ltd. DSO 138 Oscilloscope DIY Kit User Manual, Rev. 05" printed on 2 sheets of heavy glossy paper (slightly longer and narrower than US Letter 8.5" by 11"). It says that it's applicable to firmware 113-13801-60. Other than a sticker on the cardboard box it comes in, there is no reference to "Longruner" in the package.

I cannot tell what version of firmware it has on it other than, on the third screen after powerup/reset it says that it's illegal to run the firmware on the SainSmart hardware. None of the screens (boot, splash, warning, or oscilloscope) shows the firmware version loaded.

When I search for "DSO138" on Amazon, I get several almost identical product listings under different sellers in the search results. I'm pretty sure these fakes with red circuit boards are all coming from the same factory, and various resellers are distributing them via Amazon, e-bay, and lots of other on-line sites. Longruner does not appear to have its own website, not sure how to contact them directly.

In any case, unless told otherwise, I will report this to both the seller and Amazon. I'm pretty sure the seller already knows.
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Re: Sellers reported selling FAKE DSO138 kits

Post by xanatori »


I just found that the German mailorder "" is selling DSO138 from a company called "Joy-IT"

Check out here: ... 138-830799
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Re: Sellers reported selling FAKE DSO138 kits

Post by mikegleasonjr »

jye1 wrote:The following sellers are reported selling fake DSO138 kits.
Hi, Is my kit fake?

* pictures including the seller allegedly certificate from jyetech:
* bought in december 2017, received in january 2018
* from All sea Store on Aliexpress ( ... 56548.html)

Thank you
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Re: Sellers reported selling FAKE DSO138 kits

Post by jye1 »

Your kit is likely fake. The stores "All Sean", "All Sea", "Sunsunsun", and "100 Percent" are the most sources of the fake kits. They are thief. AliExpress knew that. But they don't want to stop because it shares their pilferage.
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