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Trace doesn't respond to any signal

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 11:58 pm
by fenequi502
After soldering all the components, I checked that LCD is working perfectly as well as all the other buttons. However, I did the finger test and the trace keeps zero whatever I do even the calibration with J2. I noticed green light (trigged) blinks when I do finger test.
I measured as many voltages as I could to get more information about the problem :
AV- -4,92V
AV+ 4,94V
3,3V 3,29V
5V 4,95V
D1 0,12V
D2 9,08V
V+ 8,31V
V1 0V
V2 1,63V
V- -11,17V
L1 -11,20V
R40 0,82V
OSC 2,26V
R38 left 6,15V
R38 right 8,06V
R39 -1,42V
R26 1,64V
V3 -0,28V
TLVL 1,55V
Compared to what I saw in the manual, only V- and L1 don't meet the specifications.
Please could you help me identifying what the problem is ?
Thank you so much