Display problem of DSO138

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Display problem of DSO138

Post by dorke10 »

I have the DSO138 for a few years.
Lately the display is whitish with random vertical lines (grayish-blackish ).
I can still see the correct display of the scope,but barely so.
The scope seems to work and measures the input signal.
Any idea what can cause this problem ?
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Re: Display problem of DSO138

Post by csanii »

I was using a 9V battery to power my board for a while.
All of a sudden the screen was going white a few seconds after booting.
I measured the battery and it was under 8V.
I replaced the battery with an adjustable power supply.
I set it at 7.5V since at that setting it actually measured 9V output.
White screen problem then went away.

Another possibility is the soldering on your screen connectors since it sounds like you do get output.
You may have a bad solder joint so you might want to check that as well.
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