PC Scope app for DSO112A

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Re: PC Scope app for DSO112A

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Hi Shop,
1) I've used all the DSO.dll in Github with PC_Scopex86, but no GUI. The problem is the same.
2) I've download your new app and it run! I see the GUI and the icon on the task bar. I can config the usb port, connect to it (and I see "USB Scope Mode" on the display of the DSO112A) and disconnect (and I see the normal display on tool).
On the "Debug Window" command I can communicate to the DSO, reading generic data. I see the graphics also. No exception in the registry of events.

About the use of the tool, I use an external trigger setting the DSO. When I disconnect it returns to Internal. But I think that there'll be improvements.

Thank you
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Re: PC Scope app for DSO112A

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You are welcome. Please tell me if after clicking "about" new window is being shown with correct dso.dll version.
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