Right half of display garbled

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Re: Right half of display garbled

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Thank you for reply .

Will check pdf when time allows.

Actually the problem with my DSO068 is SOLVED now.

I just started up my windows computer (i am on MacOs normally) - first connected to DSO068 via USB / JyeLab , and that worked flawlessly. Nice piece of software showing the traces on the large computer screen.

Then downloaded and installed software tool / firmware from your webpage and flashed latest firmware into DSO068.

After that update device works as expected . Obviously something was wrong in the firmware despite showing latest version on booting before update already.

Thank you for all help and support anyway Ralf
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Re: Right half of display garbled

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Yep, jye1, I was just going to double check most critical points. It looks like timing and CS1 are OK (a rough check on CS2 also looks fine). In case I end up in LCD replacement that would not be a big problem. I've already checked availability of similar LCD's on the market mega moolah
. OK, I cross my fingers and start digging into the PCB. Let's have some more fun. =)
Let's get dolphins game
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