RXD and TXD labeled wrong on JYE119

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RXD and TXD labeled wrong on JYE119

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The manual correctly shows pin 7 as RXD and pin 6 as TXD for JYE119 Uart-USB converter. The board, however, has pin 7 labeled as TXD and Pin 6 as RXD. This caused me to hook it up wrong when I tried to upgrade the firmware on my DSO Shell. I'm sure it is creating problems for a lot of other people as well. The picture in the manual, and the picture in DSO Shell: How to Upgrade Firmware, both show the correct way to run the wires. My part number is 109-11901-00A.
Also, it sure would be nice to see the JYE119 with a micro USB connector, as the mini USB cables are getting scarce.
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Re: RXD and TXD labeled wrong on JYE119

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We admit that the labeling on the 119 board does create confusion due to the board was originally created for DSO068. It is suggested to follow the drawing given in http://www.jyetech.com/Products/LcdScop ... rmware.pdf . Yes miniUSB is getting obsoleted. We might re-design a general USB-Uart converter board with microUSB.
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