Website and forums "hacked"....

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Website and forums "hacked"....

Post by tin »

If you try to enter the website or forums from Google results, you end up on dodgy adult websites. This ONLY happens if you come via Google - other links, bookmarks, etc are fine.
Google itself is now warning about it, although it wasn't a couple of days ago, so the "hack" is probably recent.

In case it helps clean things up - I've had a similar issue with websites I've maintained in the past, and every time it's been code added at the very top or very bottom of the PHP file (unfortunately it gets added to every file with write access). It's normally pretty obvious because they encode their code as base64, and stick it inside a "eval(base64_decode(<their data>))", so finding anything starting with "eval(base64_decode" in your PHP is bad news (but also good news - you've found it).
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Re: Website and forums "hacked"....

Post by cdw2000 »

It looks like the JYE Tech website is back, but may have been restored from a previous version? I'm looking for the link to the DSO Shell 055 firmware update and its no longer on the DSO Shell page.

Also the link to the 054 firmware found in the forum thread "New firmware, New Problems" no longer works.

Glad the website is back up and running though!
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Re: Website and forums "hacked"....

Post by jye1 »

Thank you for information. Most website contents have been restored. But many attachments of the forum have lost. It is appreciated if you find anything missing and let us know.
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